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Derrible Bay from Hog's Back



Sark is often called the 'Jewel of the Channel Islands', due to its stunning landscapes & unique way of life.

Here, the pace of life is slow & relaxed. We have no cars, only the hum of the odd tractor, the clip clop of a passing horse & carriage or the ping of a bicycle bell.

The Wing is an ideal Sark holiday home for exploring all that the  island has to offer. From wooded valleys, cliff paths, and historical sites to pebbly beaches, sandy bays and many wild flower fields.

Sunset from Port du Moulin bay

Sark was the first island to be granted the Dark Skies title, owing to our fantastic lack of light pollution.

The night sky here is truly spectacular. Avid stargazers may delight as there is an observatory on the island which is open to the public.


However, all you have to do is look up, from anywhere on the island, to be amazed by our starry nigh landscape.

The Avenue

Many visitors rejoice in the peace & quiet of Sark's laid back atmosphere. You could easily spend a whole day rambling along the cliff paths, picking blackberries or simply reading a book in the sun with no noise or crowds to bother you, just the sounds of nature...

When you've had your fill of fun in the sun there are several tea gardens, cafés  & restaurants where you can sample local cuisine like fresh crab & lobster.

For those who seek a bit more adrenaline there is plenty of fun to be had at sea. Such as coasteering, sea kayaking, cliff jumping, swimming, boating & fishing.

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